Airhome-Wireless Home Audio System

Airhome by Zenovia works with Apple’s rock-solid AirPlay® technology and plays from your favorite devices.

It’s estimated that by 2020 the iOT (Internet of things) will by populated by over 50 billion internet devices. That’s roughly 7 devices for everyone on the planet. According to a recent market survey, 77% of millennials would rather spend their cash on a home with technological innovations, instead of a kitchen upgrade. Millennials are the up and coming home buyers. Their influence is shaping how homes are being designed and built. Increasingly, homes are being connected to a multitude of smart devices.

The Internet and big data are giving rise to the smart-home. A smart-home is a fully automated, connected habitat. It gives you the ability to control it’s functions remotely, via apps on your smart-phone, laptop or tablet.

You can now remotely control your thermostat or monitor your home with Wireless cameras from Nest. You can use Philips Hue Smart lighting to seemingly conjure up magic by flicking lights on or off with your smartphone. Those spectators witnessing this act will be left wondering if  you’ve sold your soul to some dark Sith Lord to acquire such powers. Do you Need to open or lock your security gates or garage from the office? Then why not use  key-less access locks by August. How about having your favorite musicians and music tracks play wirelessly throughout your home, in glorious stereo and surround sound? Suns out, guns out! It’s time for a gym session and you decide to stream some Drum and Bass to your gym room. Your better half is in the master bedroom listening to some Sade via Airplay.  This is all done while being connected to your smart-home, and streaming those killer tunes through Airplay or Android. This is any audiophiles dream come true! Say hello to Airhome.

Airhome, Smart-home, Wireless Home sound system

Airhome is an  integrated home audio system operated completely and seamlessly from your iPhone or iPad via Airplay.


Airhome is changing the future of audio entertainment and the way people experience music. It’s a multi-room, built in home audio system that’s connected to WiFi or Apple Airplay.

In Fact, for Apple fans its the perfect accompaniment to your iPhone or iPad. Steve Jobs was meticulous about the design of just about anything. He had some core beliefs on product design. They were:

    1. Design leads engineering which must find a way to make it work with the design. Most companies are backwards in this regard.
    2. Simple products are easier to use.
    3. The design of the inside of the cases and internal components was important to Jobs, as he wanted them to look neat and clean.

Original macintoshSteve Job’s philosophy is great testament to the design of Airhome. “There is great emphasis on how things look which is really important”, says Logan Jacobs, Airhome founder and CEO. “Innovation can be summed up in how things work, and do they work for us” says Jacobs.

And that’s the beauty of Airhome. It challenges the Status Quo just like Apple. People who take notice of clean, minimalist designs that are elegant, and visually pleasing on the eye will admire the functional, yet crispness of  Airhome. It eliminates those untidy, clutter-some cables and speakers and seamlessly integrates with any music streaming app. It will instantaneously transform your home into a virtual stereo system.

The panel is wired to your speakers throughout your home and then you directly stream your music  to the system. Each panel can wire up to 5 Bedrooms of audio.

Airhome is compatible with any in-wall or ceiling speakers in case you have your own preference. The company also provide their own speakers. The panel which contains the main components, can be stored neatly in an inconspicuous place like the laundry room. Each panel consists of 5 amps, 4 amps in stereo sound and 1 in surround sound. These are ideally positioned in the living room, to experience that full eargasmic pleasure while watching movies.

Airhome, wireless gadget

Airhome is positioned for the premium end of the market. The system is available to buy online. It appeals to renovators, electricians, custom installers and home builders. It’s been designed to take up as little space as possible, and is very easy to install.

Most other wireless music systems use a proprietary app in order to play music. Airhome uses Apple’s Airplay. You can also stream music from any other streaming app, such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, Soundcloud etc. This provides an unlimited choice for tech loving home owners. It also provides simple and intuitive control. The great thing too is that Airhome suits all budgets. It’s modular in design and that allows you to add more panels according to the size of your house.


We think the Airhome is a pretty sweet addition to any Smart-home. Airhome is now in dozens of homes. It puts Logan Jacobs on the Multi-billion dollar map and industry of home automation.

Airhome is a product of Logan Jacobs’ company Zenovia Electronics. The company innovates, designs, and manufactures wireless consumer electronics for the current and next generation of smart-homes.


Logan has transitioned from rock musician  co-founder and former bass player of alternative rock band Social Code to an Audio Entrepreneur.