The Apple TV benefits that are listed in this guide will help you decide if this is a gadget for you.

We’ve outlined the main Apple TV benefits below. After months of speculations and numerous reports surrounding the Apple TV update in 2015, the Cupertino giant finally turned the dreams of many people into reality by unveiling the device at its iPhone launch event on the 9th September. The long awaited fourth-generation Apple TV 2015 went up for pre-orders on 26th October and it is now available to buy online.

Now that many happy people already have their hands on this wonderful device it’s time to take a closer look, and provide you with a detailed review of the Apple TV benefits.

Apple tv prosTechnical Specifications: What’s Inside

The set-top box itself is of the same size, i.e. 10cm by 10cm, but it’s 10mm taller than the current model at 33mm. The new Apple TV houses a 64-bit A8 chip and arrives in 2 storage versions – one with 32 GB and other with 64GB storage – to make room for more apps.

There is a two-pin power connector on the back, an HDMI 1.4 output, a 10/100 Ethernet port, and a USB type-C port for “service and support”.

Currently, it’s 4K capable, but not 4K enabled. So, if you were expecting  complete 4K support then this drawback might set you back from ordering one.

Exploring new Apple TV update 2015: TV, Movies, Games and More

The original Apple TV was released in 2007 as an easy way to stream content from an iTunes library on your Mac to the television. Since then Apple TV has undergone several iterations and refinements. However, none of them was quite able to beat their competitors such as Android TV, Netflix, Roku and Amazon in terms of specs, features and flexibility in apps.

I think that  Apple has finally realized the need for moving out of its own iTunes world and offering the world something that they actually want. Taking an inspiration from other similar devices in the market, Apple has finally come up with something that is worth appreciating.

The previous iteration had limited features and didn’t support any apps other than those provided by Apple. The new Apple TV is a comprehensive streaming device that is no longer limited to iTunes. It hooks up to your television and local wireless network and can now stream just about any part of your Mac, including the whole display.

Not only that, you can also stream content directly to an Apple TV from any iOS device such an iPhone or iPad and many apps such as BBC iPlayer enable you to stream content directly from your iDevice to your television. So, if you’re an Apple fan that has a lot of movies, TV shows and games on your iDevices already, the Apple TV Benefits are absolutely worth the money.

Exploring the TvOS App Store: The future of TV is here

What’s super exciting about the new device is tvOS, a new Apple Operating System that is 95 % of the same core framework as iOS, so that apps being developed for the different platforms stay in sync across different devices as they’re updated. This is an Apple’s attempt to make it easier for developers to make all kinds of stuff for Apple TV, just like they do for other iDevices. Developers can now create standalone tvOS apps or add support to existing universal apps.

Apple tv benefitsWhile the Apple TV apps you already own appear in the Purchased tab, you may find even more if you’ve a large iOS apps library. It is very easy to install new apps too. With tvOS, developers can display live TV feeds, along with options to buy products right from the TV. In addition to that, tvOS also brings support for Siri. Cnet  and Mashable have also done an excellent review on this Apple TV Benefits.

New Siri Remote and Voice Control

More cool Apple TV benefits  are the arrival of  a new way of controlling it: an overhauled remote to enhance user experience. According to Apple, there is a glass touch surface across the top and you can easily glide across a set of movies. The Remote uses Bluetooth, so you need not to point it at the TV anymore. The remote features a Siri button and you’ll be able to use Siri voice search to navigate the Apple TV. For example, if you want to watch a funny TV show, hold down this Siri button and ask “show me funny TV shows”. Siri will then automatically search iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime to find the shows and films you want to watch.

While you are watching your favorite shows, you can also ask Siri for other info such as weather report or the sports results, and it won’t interrupt what you are watching. It will rather add a line at the bottom of the screen. You can swipe up to enter the app if you want to see more information.

Cost of Apple TV and Remote Control

The 64 GB version of Apple TV 2015 is priced at $199 while the price of 32GB version is $149. The Siri Remote arrives with the Apple TV, but if you want to purchase an additional remote it will cost $79. For motion activated gaming, You may also need to buy a $13 strap. It will keep your remote on your wrist.

The Verdict

The new Apple TV update undoubtedly delivers the most refined video experience, with speedy reactions and an attractive interface. Its new Remote with Siri support is definitely an amazing gadget with numerous capabilities to make your overall TV watching experience smoother than before. The only downside is that it still costs more than similar devices in the market such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast with almost same core functions.

Best apple tvHowever, the new tvOS, awesome remote and voice control still make it one of the best entertainment devices by Apple. These Apple TV Benefits are swayed positively in favor of any Apple Gadget fan.