Bike Buying Guide: 10 Best Gadgets you need

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Ultimate bike buying guide

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the most exciting adventurous sports. Not only it allows you to flaunt your biking skills on rough terrains and enjoy the beauty of nature, but it also keeps you fit and healthy. Well, in the current era where technology is dominating almost every field, sports and cycling are no exception. If you are a rough and tough biker and very enthusiastic about high-tech gadgets too, then the following Bike buying guide of the top 10 bicycle gadgets will get you psyched and ready for cycling. This selection of 10 bicycle gadgets is pretty interesting and I’m sure you’ll find them amazing too.


1) Zackees LED Turn signal gloves for cycling

Most cyclists hardly bother to give hand signals when they are about to take a turn. Even if they do, very few drivers pay attention to them or able to interpret those signals. But now, fatal accidents between motorists and cyclists will be drastically minimized- as cyclists  now have access to the latest safety innovations – the turn signal gloves.

These chic hand gloves combine both safety and style. Made from high-quality material, Zackees gloves have comfy leather palms, retro-reflective trim, and an absorbent towel around the thumb as well as a breathable spandex to keep your hands cool while you ride your bike. These have built-in LED bulbs on the back that flash when you lift your arm. The signal in the form of a giant flashing arrow indicates that you are going to make a turn. This cool gadget runs on lithium ion watch batteries and assert to give 3 to 6 months battery life of daily active use. A built-in sensor boosts the output of light in daytime. This is an essential bicycle gadget to help you avoid any nasty collisions.

Zackees LED Turn signal gloves are retailing on Check them out if you feel this bike buying guide has been useful so far

10 Bicycle gadgets

2) Recon Jet smart eyewear.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track the performance of your cycling activity in real time and that too without holding your smartphone all the time while cycling? Well, if you ever dreamed of it, you would be happy to hear that this fantasy has finally turned into reality. Recon Jet smart eyewear is the futuristic glasses that mimics the functionality of the Google Glass, but is more functional for cyclists.

These Recon glasses have been specially built for sports and fitness. It delivers real-time metrics of your activity without hindering the flow of your activity. When you put the glasses on, you see a small display in the bottom-right corner of the screen which shows metrics such as distance, pace or speed, duration, calories burned and cadence in the case of cycling. You can configure exactly what metrics you want the gadget to show. Isn’t it amazing?

Recon Jet smart eyewear is retailing on price may be hefty, but this gadget is worth your money.

Bike Buying Guide, Recon Jet Eyewear, Cycling heads up display3) Garmin Varia rearview Bike Radar

Every Bike Buying guide has to take safety into account. Statistics show that a large percentage of cyclists are hit from behind by trucks or other large vehicles, putting their life at risk. However, a little gadget can sometimes make a huge difference in your life. Garmin, a tech company has released a line of smart cycling devices which include rearview bike radar and smart bike lights.

Both the gadgets help create a safer cycling environment. Varia rearview bike radar is a gadget that can detect 8 vehicles from behind up to 140 meters (153 yards) and warn the cyclist with blinking LED lights. These LED alerts flash more brightly and rapidly as the vehicles approach therefore alerting the biker. Varia smart bike lights is another product of the line which automatically adjusts the beam focus point and match the brightness to changing lighting conditions as well as the speed of the cyclist.

Both the gadgets are retailing together on

Garmin Varia Horizontal

4) Niterider Pro 3600 DIY

While riding your bicycle through the dark nights, one thing you’ll definitely miss is having a bright light to avoid any rocks or obstructions. With Niterider Pro 3600 DIY, you need not worry. It is a lighting gadget that will give you virtual eyes in the darkest moments. It is the brightest bike light ever made by the NiteRider company. The gadget houses six of the highest performing Cree LEDs that achieve the amazing light output of 300 Lumens.

The entire Niterider system includes LED headlamp, handlebar mounts, helmet Li-Ion battery, DIY docking station and extension cable. It is light-weight and has longer battery run time. The company’s unique DIY Software allows complete customization of bike light according to the ride. It may be expensive, but you get what you pay for. Its heavy duty construction and a super bright center beam is worth your dollars. This one make it on this bike buying guide for sure!

Niterider Pro 3600 DIY is available on

Niterider Pro 3600 DIY

5) Schwalbe Innercore Tires

If you are a mountain bike rider and usually do cycling on hilly terrains, then these tires are for you. Schwalbe Innercore Tires are the fastest and the safest tubeless tires that can be run at lower pressure for increased traction, perfect for mountain trail riding.

Depending on the weight of the rider, most conventional tubeless tires can’t run lower than about 20 psi. However, the make of schwalbe tires breaks this convention. It consists of a high-pressure inner air chamber and a lower-pressure outer chamber. The inner chamber provides a concrete cushion that keeps the tire from striking the rim. It lessens the chances of snake bite flats and make the impacts of burp less likely. Cyclists can also install a high-pressure inner tube inside their existing tubeless tire. Due to this built, the outer chamber can be run at pressures as low as 12 psi (1 bar) for much better grip.

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Schwalbe Innercore Tires6) Osprey Viper 13

During tough cycling in the mountains, the chances are that you’ll need lots of water, a tyre repair patch, your mobile phone or some other things that you may require on the way. Osprey Viper 13 is the best hydration backpack suited for 3 plus hours of riding with lots of space to carry all your essentials such as food, water, tools, medicines and more.

The main feature of this backpack is its HydraForm reservoir made with BPA- and PVC-free materials. It features a design that makes it easy for you to refill, replace and remove the reservoir and drink water easily. This is an ideal backpack for those who do cycling on longer trails and need to drink a lot of water in between. Its top zippered pocket for quick-access is lined with a soft, heat-embossed fabric that helps keep sunglasses or other fragile items from getting scratched. Its reflective trim maximizes visibility in low light conditions.

The Osprey Viper 13 is available on

Osprey Viper 13 Hydration Pack

7) Beeline Smart Navigation for Bicycles

Cycling is always an exciting affair, but sometimes, you may come across certain challenges that leave you helpless. For example, what if you lose your way and come across certain situations that may be unsafe? Even the thought is scary, Right? Well, this can happen to anyone, but one thing that can protect you such circumstances is a high-tech navigation device.

BeeLine is a small navigation device that you can mount on your handlebar to find your way. It’s simply like a compass that points you in the general direction to your preset destination and tells you the distance to go. It arrives with a dedicated BeeLine app using which you can select your destinations and start your journey. You need not to worry about battery too, because its ultra-low power screen and efficient software ensures you don’t run out of battery while you are on a ride. It is also expected to last between 1 and 3 months based on 20 – 60 minutes of everyday use.

Beeline Smart Navigation for Bicycles is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter and is expected to go on sale at around $60.


Beeline Smart Navigation for Bicycle

 8) Garmin Edge 510

The Garmin Edge 510 is a cycling GPS computer that tracks and manages your cycling races and workouts. The device has a color touchscreen and advanced connectivity to provide all the riding data at your fingertips. Garmin has GPS/GLONASS support for faster satellite acquisition. All of your data is transferred wirelessly to Garmin Connect.

Some of its features include live-tracking of your cycle ride, instant upload and social media sharing capabilities and weather updates. It provides comprehensive performance monitoring which shows data such as distance, speed, time, heart rate, elevation, cadence, power and GPS position. Apart from numerous features of the Garmin Edge 510, the best thing about it is its rugged and waterproof body. Moreover, it has up to 20 hours of battery life.

Garmin Edge 510 is available on Bike Buying Guide stamp of approval.

9) Volvo Life Paint

Well, who doesn’t want to stand out in the crowd? Especially, if you are a cyclist who enjoys cycling anytime, including the early hours of the morning way before the sun is out. well then, this solution is for you. Volvo Life Paint is a light reflective spray that increases the visibility of cyclists on the road. It contains powdered reflective particles designed to react to a car’s headlights. This alerts the drivers around about the presence of cyclists in the dark.

Since the paint can be easily washed off, it can be applied to anything such as clothes, dog leads, bikes, helmets and other things. It can illuminate any object it has been sprayed on. During daylight, the paint is not visible, but in the dark it reflects light in the same direction from where the light is coming. Well, we can’t deny that it’s really a life paint because it can protect you from accidents by increasing your visibility.

Volvo Life Paint is retailing at around $66. Check it out-via Volvo

10) Topeak Alien 2 Multi-tool

Tools always come handy. These are one of those bicycle gadgets that are definitely essential to have. Topeak Alien 2 Multi-tool is a smart multi-tool that has easy break-apart design to make it easy for you to use each tool individually.

The tools include Allen wrenches, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, box wrenches, and a mini pedal wrench. It also features spoke wrenches, stainless-steel knife, two tire levers, and a bottle opener. It arrives with a nylon carrying case with a belt-loop attachment. Essential Bike buying guide material.

Topeak Alien 2 Multi-tool can be found on

topeak alien2 multitoolThe Bottom Line

Well, if you want to take your cycling interests to the next level, you can definitely consider buying a few (or all) of these 10 bicycle gadgets. While all these gadgets are interesting and have practical applications, you can choose to buy those that best suit your needs. This Bike Buying guide will be expanded to include some of the best mountain bikes. Check in regularly to see updates.