Future Jetpack Technology. We take a look at where it’s heading


Future Jetpack technology is being pushed by a man called Richard. M Browning. He is an ex Royal Marine reservist and he has recently started up a company called Gravity Industries and has been working hard on a prototype for quite some time and he has now reached the point of releasing his first prototype of this new future  Jetpack technology and the video shows his journey on the initial concepts of his drawing board to the first prototype, and right now the system is being patented so Browning is keeping relatively quiet on how things work.


This future Jetpack is a state-of-the-art kerosene field Jetpack that actually has enough thrust to lift a human being off the ground. It’s been 9 months since his inaugural test flight and his expertise has paid off.

It gets better:

This suit is a light exoskeleton and it’s got 6 gas turbines with the combined thrust of over 130 kilograms. Browning tells us that one day you’ll be able to walk around in your garden and take off and fly about and then come down land. Browning learnt to manoeuvre these jetpacks through intensive training with an exercise called calisthenics which is designed to increase muscle dexterity and also focuses on building core strength within your muscles.