Modular Robotics Are Here

modular robotics, well, it get’s deep. A living creature is composed of billions of individual cells. Well imagine this is the matrix and we’re part of a dimension where the Universe is controlled by robots, Yes John Conner never made it and Skynet is the supreme ruler of mankind. Now in this robotic world, humans are tinier than a robot cell, so if it takes a few billion  ‘cell-robots” to create some gigantic super “Pacific Rim” robot, then we’re microscopic organisms, on level one of the evolution cycle. The robots won, and we got wiped out and so the clock re-sets. Mind warp!

Back to the actual Cellrobot. An innovative Chinese team at KEYi Technology Inc have created the Cellrobot, which is the world’ first modular robot to ultimately leave the creation of customized robots in the buyers hands. Add wheels, a spot-light, Camera’s and sensors to allow the robot to evolve and achieve new tasks. And it get’s better- Once you’ve built your robot, simply connect to it via your smartphone, an App and Bluetooth.

The project is on Kickstarter, and if this cool tech team can raise the funds, it should be available towards mid 2016.

If you dig  the Cellrobot then show some support and back these guys on Kickstarter.

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