Parrot Disco Drone

Before we discuss the Parrot Disco Drone, we’d like to point out that Drones are exploding with popularity, and with technology improvements 2016 is set to be a colossal year for the Consumer Drone Market with smart drones capable of tracking and following you around, advanced video recording and improved battery performance. Well drones are typically shaped with 4 blades as a Quad-copter, well that is until the Parrot disco drone was released. We’re not sure about you but the sound that traditional drones emit is quite unnerving, resembling that spine chilling Tie fighter sound from Star Wars.

2016 sure is exciting for Drone Techology. Parrot, the world’s best Drone Maker has conjured up an enticing Drone in their magic Drone Laboratory unlike any seen before, Meet the Parrot Disco Drone.

The Parrot disco Drone can go up to 50 mph and is the first fixed wing drone of it’s kind. Parrot reckon it’s the first fixed-wing-drone that allows the user to simply pick it up, give it a shake to activate its rear rotatory blade and throw it into the air and the Parrot Disco Drone will automatically start climbing to an acceptable height int he sky where you can then start controlling it. A rotar is attached to the tail and to sweeten the deal, it has a 1080p front-mounted Video Camera to help you film those breathtaking sunsets and swooping Ariel views which will leave your buddies in awe at their beauty!

In terms of flight training none is required! This Sky Drone is kitted with cleverly fixed sensors to monitor every movement and auto-correct it’s balance and provide stability without you having to even worry about your new toy going down in an epic crash and burn fail.Another exciting announcement is a battery that provides 45 minute flight time. Freaking hellz to the yeah! The Verge have a great review of this drone too.

Parrot haven’t confirmed an official launch date, but 2016 is here and the Disco Drone shall soon be gracing a shore, er cliff…or mountain slope near you. If you’d like to check out more great drones then have some seriously great reviews, and the website is teaming with excellent drone content and tips and guides.