Mustard have created a Red Splash Chopping Board.

Red Splash, red splash chopping board, Splash Choppin


This Red Splash Chopping Board is so unique that it deserves a spot in any kitchen gadget lovers’ collection. Quick, call the ambulance! There has been an accident in the kitchen. No, Wait! It’s just an awesome Red Splash Chopping Board that so happens to look like a cartoon blood effect,all splattered on your kitchen counter or perhaps it resembles a spilled bucket of red paint that is slowly oozing and dripping off the edge of your kitchen counter. The drips can also be positioned in a way so that the whole board is flat on the surface but we think the drips bleeding off the edge of the counter actually add to the gruesome blood effect which also provides that much needed stability while you’re chopping.

This red splash board is designed to fit snugly against your kitchen counter which helps you to prevent accidentally slicing your digits off and making those blood drips look just a little too realistic. The red splash board is also dishwasher safe, so its quick and easy to clean and won’t end up being a breeding ground for any Salmonella or  Escherichia coli. It’s a fact, plastic chopping boards have less grooves and porous material and are therefore much more hygienic, and the red splash board falls in this category.

If however; you would like to explore some wooden chopping boards then have a look at Instructables handy guide to creating your own hardwood chopping boards from cherry and maple wood scraps. Oddee have a nice little list of 12 really odd chopping boards, if you are a bit of an oddities collector then have a read.

If you’ve been motivated to create your own Chopping Boards, then watch the YouTube video below. It Just goes to show you that some things that look so simple to make and that we take for granted actually take plenty of skill, effort and craftsmanship to make.

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