Surfacebook Vs Ipad Pro

Two of the biggest tech giants go head to head. Microsoft, the dark-horse delivers a knock-out. Lets discuss why,then you decide who the clear winner is in this Surfacebook vs Ipad Pro battle.

Apple has always surprised its fans by launching something new and innovative. On September 9th 2015, the Cupertino giant did something amazing,  and announced its new flagship iPad Pro at its fall media event. The Apple iPad Pro brought some of the amazing features along with.  Microsoft decided to compete with the Ipad Pro by adding a new member to its Microsoft Surface family.

Microsoft always presents a compelling portfolio of devices and services to consumers. The company has always created the ultimate products, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  It proved its excellence when it launched its first device of Surface series and this time too it has become successful in winning the hearts of its fans by launching Surface Book, a hybrid, it’s a perfect blend of a conventional tablet, Ultra-book and traditional laptop.

While we are waiting to see which one will make more sales and be more popular – will it be the Apple iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Book – only time will tell, but for the meantime, let’s make a head-to-head comparison between both and decide ourselves which one is bigger in terms of specs, features and pricing.

Microsoft Surface Book Vs iPad Pro Specs

Form Factor and Display: The display size and weight of iPad Pro is 12.9 inches and 1.57 lbs respectively, while Surface Book measures 13.5 inches and weighs 3.5 lbs (1.6 lbs without keyboard). This means when functioning as a tablet, MS device is a bit heavier than the Apple’s counterpart.

Display Resolution: At 267 PPI (pixels per inch) or 3000 x 2000, and with a  13.5 inch PixelSense display, the Surface Book displays a slightly clearer picture than the iPad which is 12.9 inches and has a resolution of 264 PPI or 2048 x 2732 pixels

RAM and Storage: It is being anticipated that iPad Pro will have 4 GB RAM, however, there’s no official statement on this spec. Surface Book arrives in 2 different RAM configurations – one with 8 GB RAM and other with 16 GB RAM. As far as external storage is concerned, the surface will ship in three storage versions – 128GB, 256GB, 512GB. Pro will be limited to 32GB and 128GB storage versions. So, in terms of RAM and storage too, Microsoft Surface laptop wins the deal.

Processor: lets see what horsepower is hiding within. The Apple iPad Pro houses a brand-new processor – the A9X which is the third generation 64-bit chip from the firm. The company has doubled the memory bandwidth and asserts that you get ‘desktop class’ performance. The A9X is 1.8x faster than the A8X on a CPU level and 2 times better on the GPU side. On the other hand, Microsoft Surface Pro houses latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, from the Skylake family. These bad boys are twice as fast as the Macbook Pro. It also has Nvidia GeForce GPU onboard with GDDR5 memory.  As far as processor power and performance is concerned, both appear as tough competitors.

Cameras: iPad Pro has 1.2 MP front camera and 8 MP rear camera while the Surface Book takes a step further by providing 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front snapper for perfect, clear, lifelike selfies. So, if you are a selfie enthusiast, Microsoft device is a clear winner for you.

Battery Life: iPad Pro is expected to have 10 hours of battery life while Microsoft Surface laptop is expected to run for 12 hours which is another plus point of the device.

Price: The iPad Pro price for 32GB and 128GB configurations is expected to be $799 and $949, respectively, while a 128GB version with 4G will be priced at $1,079 in the US. The price of Surface Book will start from $1499 US.

 Pros and Cons of Microsoft Surface Book


  • High-end components, including new Intel processors and optional Nvidia graphics, and has a slim form factor.
  • High resolution display, which looks great and presents clearer, sharper picture in full colors.
  • The Surface Book lets users combine the best of both worlds – a tablet and a laptop. It is light and portable, allowing users to conveniently operate it, no matter where they are.
  • 5 MP front camera for perfect selfies.
  • Arrives with multiple storage options.


  • For iPad users, who are used to carrying lightweight devices, it can feel a bit heavier.
  • Pricey than iPad Pro

Pros and Cons of Apple iPad Pro


  • Better performance than the predecessors because it arrives with the latest A9X processor.
  • Less expensive as compared to Surface Book.


  • The front camera is just of 1.2 MP which is quite low when compared to Surface Book.
  • As compared to Microsoft Surface Book, it has a low display resolution.
  • Arrives with only 2 storage options.
  • Short battery life of just 10 hours.

The Verdict

Both Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Book have their negative and positive points. However, Microsoft clearly wins the competition this time with its slim design, fast performance, high quality front camera, large storage and best-in-class battery life. The detachable screen can be used as tablet as well, so you can carry it anywhere, anytime. Overall, it’s a good attempt by Microsoft, and especially appeals to people who value performance, design, camera quality, storage and battery life above all else. Its hefty price can be reason of setback for some people, but we think it’s definitely worth the investment.