Tea is thought to be a British drink. Traditionally the UK came up with what is known as  “teatime” or “high tea” which is usually served between 5pm-7pm. For the rest of the world, any time is acceptable to get your tea on and tea is enjoyed by countless people worldwide.

The true origin of Tea dates back to around 2737BC in China. The Emperor Sheng Nung was having a lazy ass day relaxing in the fields against a tree. As usual his servant was boiling some hot water during which some leaves from the Camellia Sinensis tree above him accidentally blew into the freshly boiled water.  Sheng Nung was a popular herbalist and so he decided to taste this new drink and from that moment onward, Tea was born.

Tea has amazing health benefits. Containing high levels of antioxidants, tea is a great health booster. It levels one’s blood sugar, balances hormones and curbs depression. It also ensures a good nights rest with its calming and soothing effects. Did you know that after water, Tea is the world’s second most consumed beverage.

To make that next cup more enjoyable Digitfields have compiled a list of our 20 favorite and most creative Tea infusers. Invite the Mad Hatter to this tea party, and he’ll lose his already lost mind even further, because these infusers are so insanely cool!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments field below.  The Most Original comment before 31 December 2015 wins you your favorite tea infuser of choice from the top 20 list below. To Enter simply, comment, share this post on either Facebook or Twitter and that’s it. Good Luck!


Dreamfarm Tea InfuserDreamfarm Tea Infuser-via Amazon  

The Dreamfarm infuser has the sort of design that’s just great to hold and dunk your teabags into your cup of boiling hot water.

Candy Cane Tea Infuser

Candy Cane Tea Infuser-via Amazon

The Candy Cane Tea infuser looks so good you just want to eat it. Nothing quite like having a Candy Cane tea infuser in your tea-cup to get into the festive spirit.

Cliff the Climber Tea infuserCliff the Climber Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Cliff quite clearly likes walking, or um, climbing on the wild side of life ad can be seen traversing many a tea cup.

Sweet Leaf Tea InfuserSweet leaf Tea Infuser-via Amazon

For nature lovers, botanists, vegetarians,spiritualists and creatives, the Sweet Leaf Tea Infuser sitting in your cup of tea will always brighten up the day.

DunkfishTea Infuser

Dunkfish Tea Infuser-via Amazon

The Dunkfish Tea Infuser enjoys flopping about in your tea cup and is a pretty great infuser.


Whale tea InfuserWhale Tea Infuser-via amazon

rocket Tea InfuserRocket Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Mister Tea InfuserMister Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Rainy Day Tea InfuserRainy Day Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Grosche monaco Tea infuserGrosche Monaco Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Lollipop Tea InfuserLollipop Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Tea-Shirt Tea InfuserTea shirt Tea Infuser

Titanic Tea InfuserTitanic Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Duck tea InfuserDuck Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Manatea Tea InfuserManatea Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Octopus Tea InfuserOctopus Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Deep Tea Diver Infuser

Deep Tea Diver Infuser-via Amazon

Submarine Tea InfuserSubmarine Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Tea Rex Tea InfuserTea Rex Tea Infuser-via Amazon

Shart Tea InfuserShark Tea Infuser-via Amazon