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Unicorn shop

Unicorn shop is a post containing some epic and unique Unicorn Gadgets. The Unicorn is a mythological creature, either depicted as a horse or a kid with a single horn on its head. It first appeared in Mesopotamian artworks and became part of Indian and China myths. So before you start thinking about whether o not there could ever be such a thing as a real unicorn, don’t get your hopes up and expect to find anything. There are no actual tales of ‘gods’ riding or co-existing with these mystical creatures. This unicorn shop post is supposed to contain a few good unicorn snippets to those unicorn fans out there.

Here is a list of movies with Unicorns in them

Unicorn shop,r

It’s only during a rare solar eclipse, that a portal opens up somewhere near a rainbow and a Unicorn crosses over into our Dimension. These Unicorns have passed on from natural causes as this is the only way that the magical properties are contained in the meat. Makes an excellent addition to your next tapas dinner party. This has got to be one of the more bizarre novelty gifts we’ve come across. Leave on as a present on your gullible co-workers desk and it will most definitely cause an interesting reaction.]

If you’re looking for some Unicorn apps to play, then we’ve put a list of some interesting unicorn games together that are found on the google play store.

Star Lilly

And how random is this…Available for download on iOS/Apple product is an App called Unicorns. This is a live streaming app. And while plenty of streaming Apps exist like Meerkat, Periscope(Android/Apple) or Ustream (Android/Apple), this one lets you share whats happening on your home screen.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the App, you get a private url to share with the world. Visitors can then comment on what they’re seeing with emoticons or text messages.

You might be thinking “why on earth would I need this” and “why is it relevant”. It actually is good for Live game streaming or App previews, bug reporting, usability tests etc.