VR Tech

It is clear that VR tech may be the future but it is certainly off to a slow start. The first few widely available VR electronics from powerhouses like Oculus Rift and Samsung have just hit the market.

Aside from all the necessary hardware and technology that you might need to buy or upgrade in order to get your VR tech system running like a champ, here are some serious and not so serious accessories that might make your gaming life a bit more enjoyable and also protect you from real life bodily harm while you focus on virtual gunfights and holding off that zombie invasion.

Enjoy our top 10 Virtual Reality acessories

1.Wall Padding

For the longest time video gaming has conjured up an image, perhaps rightfully so, of slightly overweight males sitting around a screen of some sort for hours and days on end. Video gaming has never been the most athletic, stressful, movement filled activity in the world.

That all changes with virtual reality and we expect as the games improve and become even more enthralling, players will be bouncing around their homes as they navigate their exciting virtual worlds.

The perfect complement to this new type of gaming where you actually, you know, move is some solid wall padding that you might typically find in a gym or daycare.

This stuff will allow you to pull off crazy wall runs, diving shots between cover, and more acrobatic moves that will be a critical part of enjoying your new shiny VR tech and VR gaming.

2.Wrist Sweat Bands – Blasting zombies ain’t easy!

Even with traditional gaming, sweat and moisture can be a problem. There is even a professional Starcraft 2 player who uses a towel over his mouse!

Virtual reality is shaping up to be a real workout whether it is from the weight of the headset and other gear or the fact that the games will be more stressful than ever as your imagination is no longer restricted by a screen and pixelated graphics.

These budget friendly sweat bands are the perfect way to keep your gaming going without having to stop and towel off or play your games half naked and scare your neighbors away. That way you won’t end up being part of the Virtual Reality news in a creepy and embarrassing kind of way.


3.Budget Alarm Clock

Budget alarm clock

Virtual reality might turn out to be the most addicting form of gaming yet. How rude it is, then, that real life has all these responsibilities and chores that you must remember to do to avoid ending up on a TV show about hoarders.

That is where a dirt cheap alarm clock comes in. It will help you remember to feed your pet and pick Grandma up from the airport, all while not running up your credit card bill. A low price point is important as you likely just blew $500 on that shiny Oculus Rift you have been waiting years for, not to mention a new rig to run the thing.


 4.Non-Stick Shoes

Physical injuries in gaming used to be rare and the worst thing that would happen is you fell out of your chair due to sleep deprivation or rolled over your headset cord and busted it. Now, with virtual reality taking the gaming world by storm, your footwear is now an essential part of your gaming attire.

Some solid non-slip/non-stick shoes that were once reserved only for factory floors will ensure you stay upright in game and get that high score you always dreamed of. Among other VR stuff, a solid base is crucial to ensuring your feet don’t ache and

you don’t slip and fall while engrossed inside a more pleasing reality.  Unprepared virtual reality players may be in for quite a shock as the lady in the video below was. She might have run into the wall out of terror if her friend hadn’t intervened.(see accessory #1).


 5.Hydration Backpack

I am of the opinion that gaming can learn and borrow a lot of amazing inventions from other areas of life to improve the gaming experience and this is where the inspiration for this item comes from.

A hydration backpack is a great way to keep you fueled up and ready to keep playing for hours on end. The only concern could be the weight of the backpack slowing you down, but since they are designed to carry more than just water an empty one will likely have a negligible weight.

I have little doubt that gamers will soon appropriate these packs along with beer helmets to consume other types of fuel that have more questionable health benefits such as Mountain Dew and Monster.


 6.Amazon Dash Buttons

No time to shop online with virtual reality consuming your actual reality? Dash Buttons can help with that.

Dash buttons are the brainchild of the folks over at Amazon who will stop at nothing to make our lives easier and require less effort. Dash buttons make trips to Walgreen’s or the grocery store for one or two essential items a thing of the past.

Toothpaste, milk, detergent, and so much more can be ordered with a Dash button. The initial cost of $5 is a small investment for the amount of convenience you receive in return.

And all this means that you have more time freed up to spend in your favorite virtual world mastering the kick back intricacies of assault rifles and exploring distant lands instead of fighting slow driving grandmothers and traffic.


Nothing sounds as boring as having to stop pushing for a new high score to perform pedestrian tasks like cleaning your room or vacuuming. That is where the Roomba and other helpful robot friends come in.

Roomba has come a long way since it premiered and has been under the radar these days due in part to the high price tag and the fact that the early versions didn’t work as well as one hoped. They also struggled with some obstacles and room shapes despite having technology that was supposed to allow them to map the layout and learn.

These cleaning robots have improved greatly in the past decade, though, and the price points differ vastly depending on the type of model you get. A small investment in a super helpful cleaning robot pal can mean a freeing up a few extra hours per week to get your game on.


 8.Heated Gaming Gloves

Nothing ruins the fun like cold hands or dropping your expensive VR controller on the floor potentially shattering an expensive piece of cutting edge technology. Proper gloves will ensure your fingers stay nimble and ready for action.

Gloves of all types have become popular with gamers the world over whether they are playing MOBAs or First Person Shooters and I expect they will be equally as useful with VR games and VR tech. In many VR games the controller in your hand is also your gun, sword, or other critical weapon and dropping it in real life spells bad news in game as well as out.


 9.Amazon Echo

Hands free pizza ordering with your voice. Need I say more.

Right after issuing commands to your virtual soldiers to cover your flank or flashbang that building, you can order a piping hot fourteen incher with mushrooms and bacon. Yum!More than that, Echo can order you new games for your system or even the other accessories on this list you

thought you didn’t need but really do! This might be a gamer’s perfect companion to the essential VR tech you need to actually play games and use other VR apps.


10.Video Doorbell

Want to experience some other amazing technology while you wait for your new rig, headset, or other VR tech to arrive? Check out an amazing video doorbell, which is an innovative technology taking the world by storm. These doorbells allow you to view whoever is at your door in real time on your smartphone and even communicate with them if you so choose.

What a great way to identify the difference between the UPS driver bringing you a package of cool gear and a door-to-door salesman selling knives that cut through shoes.

Perhaps someday your video doorbell will feed right into your VR headset and you can view the feed on your virtual cell phone that your in game character carries, but we are not quite there yet. A gamer can dream though!



Virtual Reality is expected to take the gaming world by storm and also change other aspects of our lives in the same way the internet or smartphone have. While we do not know the the extent of how much it will catch on, we think the above accessories are some out of the box ideas to make your gaming life just that more convenient and awesome after you have all the basic VR tech you need to begin a new stage in your gaming life.

Let us know what accessory you are buying first and why you are excited for Virtual Reality